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About Food Adda

A pure vegetarian India’s most loved and most unique luxury fast food chain.

We are the pioneers of fusion & Luxury fast food segment serving variety of yummy dishes ranging in different cuisines giving all or beloved foodies amazing experience in range of Pannini Sandwiches, Grilled Sandwiches, Baked Sandwiches, Pastas, Freshly made Pizzas, Fusion in French Fries, Potato Wedges, Garlic Breads, Amazing Burgers, Authentic Chinese dishes, Mumbai Spl. Pav Bhaji & Pulav, Desserts, Waffles, Pancakes, Varieties in Chay Specially Kullad Chay, Refreshing Mocktails, Thick Milkshakes and much more all under one roof.

The price range we offer starts from Rs. 20/- to Rs. 500/-

We have an all India presence in Multiple Cities serving more than 1000+ Customers from 40+ running outlets

Till date we have served more than 10 Lakh Unique customers with all the love.

High Quality, Safety & Hygiene , Affordable Prices with the Mind-Blowing taste with Premium customer service are the main reasons of our successful operations across the country.

About Us
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Our Story

Our Founder | CEO Hardik Savla started of this journey from a roadside stall in 2016 in Borivali West Mumbai with a mere investment of 50000/- Rs

We received an amazing response within the first 2 months of start so much that we had to shift our operations from a stall to small shop then to a bigger shop and then to our Flagship and Current store because of over-crowding.

During the time we were the first ones to serve such quality of Sandwiches, Pizzas and Pastas that too on road with the help of Co-founder | MD | Chef Parth Mehta who bought is valuable experience of working in India and world’s most reknowned 5 Star hotels to the streets of Mumbai. For all the foodies it was love at first sight with our dishes.

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Receiving an immense response and demand from across Mumbai we received a lot of franchise requirements but we waited to first get technically ready to smoothly run operations

Our Co-founder | Chairman Vaibhav Patel with his excellent expertise in finance made possible to manage the limited funds and planned to perfection capitalising limited resources to scale up our operations.

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It was a really tough and long process to build a franchise model

But as we were ready and in 2018 we started with 2nd outlet and our First franchised store well that was just the start to this amazing journey full of ups and downs

As of now in 2021 we stand with 25+ Operational stores across the country learning and making our best of efforts with our never give up spirits

With a combined annual turnover of Rs.10+ crores we have come quite from where we started but the goal is far from achieved

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Our Story


“ To Revolutionise Fast Food Industry with Fusion, Continious Innovation & Efficiency with 100% Vegetarian options across the Globe’’



“Commitment to provide customers a consistent Warm and Friendly atmosphere through our Nurtured Team who experience Joy & Pride at work.


Problem in the world

“Indian Fast Food Industry is expected to grow upto 932 Billion Dollars.

Out of which maximum is in unorganised sector the organised sector is projected to be covered by international brands like Mcdonalds Dominos and many more.

They are adapting to Indian market and recreating a Veg Lucrative Menu.”


Lack of Pure Vegetarian Brand with International Standards & Cuisines.

The Brands which operate in pure veg segment like Bikaji Haldiram and many more are focused on Indian based cuisine.


Lack of Innovation and adaption with International Cuisines.

Leading share shift of customers to International Veg Non Veg Mix Brands.


Limited options of Cuisines at 1 Place with Standard Quality and Taste.


Huge Space Requirements High Rentals High Costs.

Sustainability issues and local competition


FOOD ADDA  Pure Vegetarian Proven Concept with Multiple International Cuisines under One Roof with Standardised Taste High Quality and best in service.


Continuous Research on Customer Data analysis and New Recipes with Innovation in Menu Compulsory every 6 Months


Menu designed to target Acceptance amongst all age groups with presence of multiple choice cuisines 


Compact Kitchen and outlet Designs with Lower Rentals Lower Space Requirements and substantially reducing other capital and maintenance costs.


Geographically tried and tested in different regional cities with successful outlets outperforming local and International competition


One Stop Premium & Pocket Friendly Junction for Sandwiches Pizzas Pastas Fries Burgers Desserts Chinese and many more dishes leading to higher customer base and thus being in Blue Ocean with no direct competition.

Hear It from Our Foodie Friends

It's really nice Cafe to Chill with friends. Food Adda is in Borivali and have a few outlets in India. The service is really nice. Food is also good 👍.  Has a Chill Vibe and Cool ambience 😍. They have food in huge variety. The quality and quantity is also nice. I tired a few variety of sandwich, juice, pizza, Fries🍟 and much more. Taste : 5/5 ⭐ Service : 5/5 ⭐ Overall : 5/5 ⭐

Pritam Patil

We take care of Everything

 Here at Food Adda, We are focused on how to best help our customer, employees, and partners as the pandemic continues to evolve. We're here to take care of everything.


Mask & Sanitizer 
For All guest 




Minimum Employee 

Day to Day 

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